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    Quality proves performance, and at Randy LaLone Well Drilling & Pump Service, we prove it with the highest standards and results around. Our well service works to give you the best quality water source in the comfort of your own property.
    Whether you need well drilling for the development of a new waterhole or repairs for your water pumps, our experts are more than up to the task. We provide reliable work for your water sources and pressure tanks when and where you need it.
    Contact us for professional well inspections and services in the greater Davisburg, MI area.

Our Services

Water testing
Water Testing & Well Chlorination

Ensure that your drinking water is safe with water testing from Randy LaLone Well Drilling & Pump Service. As specialists in the field, we are skilled in providing the necessary well chlorination needed every few years to rid your well and water of contaminants. A water source that is safe to drink and use for your household tasks is important, and we understand that need. We'll sanitize your well to ensure safe, bacteria-free water. Contact us for all your water inspection needs in the Davisburg, MI area.

Well drill
Well Drilling Service

Our team has the heavy-duty equipment to handle any well drilling service you need, without creating an unnecessary mess. Regardless of your need for a deep or shallow well, our team is more than up to the task of drilling your water source. Beyond the drilling process, we can also work with you to create a safe and reliable water source with professionally installed submersible pumps and encased pressure tanks. Contact us at (248) 625-1990 today for a consultation.

Well pump install

Any source of water that filters into a property from a well requires properly functioning pumps to push that water up to your pressure tanks and into your pipes. Our years of experience in the industry ensure that we can install new well pumps or replace ones that have broken down on you. We proudly serve the greater Davisburg, MI area with pump replacement and installation services.

Well pump repair
Well Pump Repair

If you find that your home has been unable to provide you the water it regularly has, our well drilling contractor can take a swing by to inspect your pumps and well system to ensure water is being optimally sourced. We are on-hand and prompt about any emergency service you require when it comes to well repairs, and treat your system as if it were our own. We will efficiently deal with any well pump repair you require for your water system to go back to normal.

Water tank install
Pressure Tank Service

If you find yourself dealing with low water pressure from faucets, there may be an issue with your pressure tank or pump system. Our pressure tank service can pinpoint the exact problem that may be hindering regular pressure levels. Whether it has to do with malfunctions in how air is compressing in pressure tanks or low water levels for your well pump, Randy LaLone Well Drilling & Pump Service can identify the problem and help you address it.

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